Lily Cup Compact

This is an absolutely fantastic kickstarter! Lily Cup Compact is a pink (a bit unfortunate but maybe that makes it more appealing for girly girls) menstrual cup that folds up and fits into a small make-up sized compact container. If you cannot afford the $33USD it costs to get one off the kickstarter page then I suggest donating  $1+USD to the project even though they are already funded it's great to support something that is beneficial for women and the environment. Well done ladies!



The writing on the wall

Buzzfeed: Menstrual Cup

This funny post on Buzzfeed is about a menstrual cup being stuck inside of you and what to do.

I love seeing alt products on mainstream sites :)



Seen on Tumblr

This is hilarious and gross and amazing! The bag for the cup could be called "vampire shot glass" (someone make those it's a freebie from me). 


Alt Lifestyle

To go with using alt menstrual products, i also live a pretty eco/alt lifestyle. check out my other blog about being gluten-free, vegan, and eco- www.beinggfvegan.com


Back to College!

One of my cousins just started school at UCSB so i went to visit her. It reminded me of my dorm and the dun dun dun SHARED BATHROOMS! My period came a day early- i was supposed to start on saturday (the day i was visiting) but i started friday with a lovely painful preview thursday. True to form i used my sponge thinking my flow wouldnt be too heavy but it was. I forgot about communal bathrooms, my sponge was filled to the max, and i couldnt rinse it because i was with my cousin and she would have freaked out. So i suffered and bled through having to wait till 9:30pm to finally use a single bathroom to clean it. I was at a party and spent the whole time paranoid that the blood on my thong would seep through my pants and get all over the white couch i was sitting on.

Oh college! as much fun as you were i do not miss the lack of privacy when using alt products!



crazy amazon review!


shes a bit much.